Every year the same fitness enthusiasm occurs for many of us. New Year’s eve turns over and everyone’s cheering, the resolutions and goals people want to achieve in the New Year begin.

Number one on many people’s list is to get fit and lose weight. January comes by, and all the gyms are packed. Everyone is lifting weights, running on treadmills and drinking protein shakes. By the end of March, the gym-fever has died down and gyms are back to normal with their usual regulars. Every year, the cycle is the same.

Is the Gym Locking You Into a Repetitive Cycle?

I too have been in this cycle. As someone who suffers from a kidney disorder, my health and staying healthy is important me. I have struggled with making the gym a part of my life even though I knew that working out was essential.

I would go to the gym occasionally but found it hard to keep going. As I said, my health is a major concern to me but I was tired of the highs and lows of a gym. It eventually became a hot, muggy place filled with equipment and “temporary” people. I wanted something different; something more meaningful.

A friend suggested I look into CrossFit as it might just be what I was looking for. My first question was “What is CrossFit?”

Soon enough, I had the answer, which is what I’d like to share with you because if the gym is not working for you either, CrossFit might be the answer.

crossfit What Is CrossFit and Could It Be Right For You?

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is fitness routine that incorporates high-intensity interval training, also known as HIIT, and a wide array of various exercises from weightlifting, calisthenics, plyometrics, gymnastics and much more. It incorporates core essentials movements and high intensity workouts into ‘Workout of the Day’ (WOD) routines.

The goal is to complete the workout and routines within a time frame. The more you do in less time, the more power you exert, therefore the more intense the workout.

I looked into a CrossFit center near home and tried out a class. I was immediately hooked!

What made it so exciting wasn’t the style of workout; it was the environment. Everyone there has the same goal in mind, the betterment of themselves and their health.

Finally, I had found an environment where everyone is on the same page. The community and bond that arises from that is indescribable. Instead of dreading the gym or feeling guilty because I don’t do my workout, I look forward to every day that I go to CrossFit to work out with my friends, push myself to a new limit and learn something new.

If you’re tired of the gym, check out CrossFit! It may just be what you’re looking for, too.