Our mission is to provide meaningful work
and exceptional talent within the healthcare community.

Susan Gursky, PT

Founder & CEO

In 2000, Rehab Alternatives was founded by Susan Gursky, PT to provide ‘hands-on’ clinical staffing services. Our approach has enabled us to become a leader and resource for facilities and clinicians alike.

In the past 15 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of healthcare facilities in the tri-state area, retaining our specialized focus in Allied Health. We’re acutely aware of what it takes to manage and maintain skilled nursing facilities and rehab centers, while remaining sensitive to the softer skills required to thrive in homecare and public schools.

Sustainability and continuity of care start with strong, dynamic teams. We don’t just fill a position – we seek to understand the dynamics; paying careful attention to the experience and background of our clinicians, matching them with the facility that will provide both skills enhancement and career growth.

Our Team

  • Bryan Gursky

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Fran Graziano

  • Mary-Ellen Betterton

    Director, Business Development
  • Eric Gursky

    VP Staffing
  • Susan Safran

    Director of Staffing
  • Moses Walker

    Senior Staffing Specialist
  • Irina Yakubov

    Staffing Specialist
  • Lystra James

    Compliance Specialist
  • Khadine Modest-Charles

    Billing & Payroll Manager
  • Eleanor Darby

    Billing & Payroll Specialist
  • Ray Jiao Feng

    Payroll Specialist
  • Jessica Connelly

    Homecare & Pediatric Advisor



We respect the dignity and individuality of every clinician, staff member, and patient. At Rehab Alternatives we are focused on promoting long-term reliability and teamwork at all levels.


A history of uncompromising care by professionals who share our commitment to healthcare.


We’re committed to responding with a cohesive, solutions-driven approach to fulfill the needs of our clinicians, clients and patients.