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Frequently Asked Questions


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What do I do if I am on an assignment (or scheduled for an assignment) and have an emergency?

Contact RA immediately. During office hours, call 516-801-6111 and a Staffing Specialist will assist you. After hours, you can reach the on-call advisor by calling our main number and following the prompts.

What opportunities exist for students and new graduates?

We are currently developing an internship and mentorship program to provide field work and hands-on training for upper classmen and new graduates. This program is set to commence Q1 2016.

Does RA sponsor open house events?

Yes. RA occasionally holds open house events throughout the year for both prospective and existing clinicians.

Does RA offer health insurance or other benefits?

Clinicians are eligible for benefits on a case-by-case basis depending upon the details of the assignment.

Does RA offer a referral bonus?

Yes. This information is provided in our clinician onboarding package.

Does RA offer a sign-on bonus?

Yes. This information is provided in our clinician onboarding package.

Does RA provide visa sponsorship?

Visa sponsorship is considered on a case-by-case basis, depending upon the duration and location of the assignment, and most importantly your professional qualifications and experiences.

What factors influence clinician pay rates?

Your pay rate will depend the duration and location of assignment, your professional qualifications and experiences, and the contract rates we have with our clients.

Will I need to interview for a position with RA prior to starting an assignment?

Yes. Company policy requires all prospective clinicians interview with a Staffing Specialist.

How can I find out details about new assignments?

View current job openings here. And you’re always welcome to call and speak with a Staffing Specialist.

What is the typical duration of an assignment with RA?

We have many career clinicians working with us for years at one location. However, depending upon your interest and availability assignments can be as short as half a day. With RA you have the ability to decide your own schedule.

What type of assignments does RA offer?

We offer ongoing full-time, ongoing part-time, per-diem and supplemental positions, depending upon the needs of our clients. For a full list of facility types please click here.

How do I get a job with RA?

Qualified clinicians can apply online on our website or speak with a Staffing Specialist at 516-801-6111.

Why work with RA?

Our mission is to provide meaningful work and exceptional talent within the healthcare community. Guided by our core values of loyalty, integrity and dedication, we have developed a reputation for exceptional client care while providing long term personal and professional development for clinicians who work with us.


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How do I get paid for homecare visits?

Payment is issued for homecare visits per RA’s standard payment policy. Your official notes will serve as your time sheet. Notes must be submitted for all visits every Monday by 4 pm for the previous week.

What types of diagnoses/conditions do homecare patients have?

Every case varies, but patients typically require rehab for post-surgical care, accident recovery, or chronic conditions. Each patient’s diagnosis will be included in their referral paperwork.

What is the typical age range of a homecare patient?

The majority of cases are adult or geriatric, but there are occasional pediatric cases. RA will specify this before assigning each case.

How long are patients authorized for therapy?

Authorization ranges from 1-3 times per week for 4-9 weeks depending on the patient’s diagnosis, but some cases may continue long-term.

How long are homecare visits?

Depending upon the patient’s condition, all visits (evaluations and treatments) should last from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

How are homecare appointments scheduled?

Clinicians schedule visits directly with the patient/family.

If I accept a case and complete the initial evaluation, do I have to do treatments as well?

Yes, if you accept a case you must complete all evaluations, treatments, and any other requests (recommendations, care plans, etc.) as needed for the duration of the case.

How many homecare cases can I take on?

The number of cases you can accept is dependent on your schedule. However, once you accept a case you are expected to commit to the case for the full duration.

I would like to provide homecare services. How do I start?

As new cases become available, RA sources clinicians based on the patient’s location and specialty required. If you would like our Homecare Specialist to reach out to regarding homecare opportunities, submit your resume here.

Are any special credential requirements necessary to provide homecare?

CPR or NYS Infection Control certificates are helpful but not mandatory. All clinicians must be in compliance to provide services.

What clinical disciplines are eligible to provide homecare services with RA?

Only licensed PTs, OTs, and SLPs can provide homecare services.


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If I am scheduled for an assignment and my credentials/documents expire but I do not renew them, can I still work?

No. All documents must be valid and in compliance in order for you to legally provide healthcare services.

If I am working, will I be notified if my credentials are expiring?

Yes. Weekly email notifications are sent weekly, commencing 6 weeks prior to the expiration date.

How soon do you need to receive all of my credentials/documents?

Healthcare staffing is all about timing. We strive to service our clients as quickly as possible. Therefore we request all documents be submitted within 72 hours of your initial application.

I have submitted all of my credentials/documents. What is the next step?

When all credentials are received, an initial screening is conducted by our Compliance Specialist. Once your credentials/documents are verified, you will be assigned to a Staffing Specialist who will contact you to schedule an interview.

Are background checks required for all clinicians?

Yes. In addition to the credentials listed above, Rehab Alternatives runs a full background check on all applicants prior to starting an assignment.

What is the best way to submit my credentials/documents when applying for a position?

Documents can be uploaded with your resume when applying for a position online. You may also email: hr@rehabalternatives.com or fax to 516-908-5228.

What is a managerial reference?

A managerial reference is a reference completed by a current or former manager, supervisor and/or director.

What credentials/documents am I required to submit to RA?

To be on-boarded, all clinicians must submit the following: - Resume - Registration certificate - Malpractice insurance - Professional license - Current physical with titers (MMR & varicella) - Current PPD or chest x-ray - 2 photo ID’s (passport, driver’s license, or SS card) - 2 managerial references *Additional documentation may be requested depending on facility’s requirements.

What is the role of a Compliance Specialist?

The Compliance Specialist guides applicants through the onboarding process by ensuring that clinicians submit all necessary credentials and that all submitted documentation is valid before commencing an assignment with RA.

Accounting - Clinicians

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How do I receive payment?

Payment can be issued via direct deposit or via check, which is mailed or available for pick-up at our office.

How often will I get paid?

Depending on assignment type and facility location you will be paid semi-monthly or bi-weekly. There is a 2 week pay lag applied to both.

What happens if I submit my timesheet or invoice late?

For late timesheets, your payment will be processed in the subsequent pay period. For late invoices, your payment will be held until your invoice is received.

Where do I send time sheets and invoices?

Time sheets and invoices should be emailed to time@rehabalternatives.com or faxed to 516-801-6110.

As an independent contractor, when should I submit my invoice?

You are required to submit an invoice on the 2nd & 18th of each month for services rendered in prior periods. For example, if you worked during August 16th-31st, RA should receive your invoice for those dates no later than September 2nd.

When should I submit my time sheets?

Weekly time-sheets are due every Monday by 4 pm for the prior week.

Accounting - Customers

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How often do you bill for services?

We bill for services semi- monthly.

Can we pay via credit card?

Yes, customers may pay by either check or credit card.

What are your payment terms?

Payment terms are based on the negotiated terms of the service agreement.