occupational therapist walking with geriatric patient

Occupational Therapists Walk With Patients, Too

By on 11/2/17 occupational therapy

“What are some of your goals?”  This is one of the first questions I ask my patients in skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and within their homes. Pretty much any rehabilitation therapist (RT) around the world can presume the most common answer to this question, and probably recite it alongside our patients in three-part harmony. Nevertheless,… Continue Reading

Navigating and Understanding Supervision in Occupational Therapy

By on 10/18/17 occupational therapy

Like many of us, I’ve been an Occupational Therapy (OT) supervisor, and like all of us, I’ve also been supervised.  The experiences have spanned the spectrum from positive experiences resulting in lifelong professional relationships to nightmare scenarios I’ve learned from, and would rather not rehash.  A good supervisor often has characteristics that include empathy, wisdom,… Continue Reading

The Environmental Scope of a Patient’s Rehabilitation – Part 4 of 4 (Environmental Scope)

By on 10/10/17 occupational therapy

Part 4 of a series: SNF vs Homecare: An examination of the distinction in the provision of clinical services between SNF vs homecare settings. As discussed in the previous 3 parts to this 4 part series, there’s a balance between our roles of transitional versus preventative care (Part 1, Roles of Key Providers), the services… Continue Reading

When Talk Turns to Politics During Rehab

By on 10/4/17 General interest

As clinicians, we’re constantly exposed to individuals from all walks of life.  Treating homecare patients brings me to the doorstep of this reality.  And as patients open their homes to me, I bear witness to the diversity that makes this country so unique. As an OT, I’ve worked with patients, families, care team members and… Continue Reading

What It Means to be a Woman in Physical Therapy

By on 9/22/17 Physical Therapy

On Saturday September 23, 2017, Rehab Alternatives will be sponsoring the inaugural Women in Physical Therapy Summit organized by Dr. Karen Litzy, PT, Dr. Sandy Hilton and Erica Meole. I recently reached out to Karen to inquire about the origin of her inspiration.   As CEO of Rehab Alternatives years, and a practicing PT for many… Continue Reading

The Time Frame Between Start of Care and Discharge: Occupational Therapy Services Within a SNF and Homecare Setting – Part 3 of 4 (Time Frame)

By on 8/22/17 occupational therapy

Part 3 of 4 in a series: SNF vs Homecare: An examination of the distinction in the provision of clinical services between SNF vs homecare settings The distinction between clinical services in SNF vs Homecare lies between 4 main points: the number of key providers within the patient’s immediate care plan, the source of reimbursement,… Continue Reading