Staffing is our core.
Management is our legacy. 

Every SNF administrator in New York knows how critical a high CMI is – but how do you ensure continuity of care and maximum productivity while staying within budget?  

Proper management is the key to running a healthy facility.  

Are your Directors maintaining a strong census?  Are clinicians preparing the necessary supporting documentation?  Is your rehab department working well with your nursing department?  Rehab Alternatives’ Management Team provides ongoing solutions to these critical issues. 

Our Management strategy addresses clinical, operational and budgetary details that improve CMS reimbursements, eliminate costly denials, and enhance overall facility communication and efficiency. 

What’s the bottom line?  Higher profits, balanced budgets and long-term cost savings.  

With over 60 facilities under management and 30+ years of regional in-depth industry experience, our Management solutions deliver verifiable results in a little as 2-4 weeks.  

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