3 Reasons to Job Search Through a Staffing Agency

By on 6/12/17 Blog

Healthcare facilities from all over and of all sizes use staffing agencies for their recruiting and hiring needs because they work. Whether these businesses are looking to hire temporary workers for short assignments; temp-to-hire staff to test the waters; or long-term, permanent, full-time staff; they know that staffing firms can be effective and highly beneficial. As […] Continue Reading


5 Summer Activities to Burn Calories

By on 5/10/17 Blog

  As a clinician finding a work-life balance can be a hassle. Juggling work, family, friends and ultimately health, can be quite overwhelming. Often times clinicians get so consumed in making sure their patients are healthy, they don’t make time to do the same for themselves. Between rushing to work and household chores like; making […] Continue Reading

Physical Therapy Through Virtual Reality

By on 5/3/17 Blog

Israel-based company VR Physio was created to make physical therapy easily accessible to all patients, despite their lack of resources. Post-op care is a vital part of recovering from surgery; however, appointments may be hard to book and patients often have difficulty finding physical therapists that they’re comfortable with… As technology advances, so do health […] Continue Reading

This New Form of Therapy Will Give You Chills

By on 4/20/17 Blog

There’s a new and cool therapy trend that’s gaining popularity. No, really, it’s actually cool. People are going into chambers that can reach 180 degrees below zero for wellness purposes. According to therapy enthusiasts, the below-freezing temperature is said to be very beneficial. It speeds up muscle recovery, reduces inflammation, fixes joint pain, improves circulation, […] Continue Reading

Occupational Therapy Could Cure Addiction

By on 4/13/17 Blog

In response to the rapidly increasing addiction rate in the United States, occupational therapists are searching for opportunity to treat those with chemical dependency. Author, Penny Moyers, who wrote a book on the subject titled: “Substance Abuse: A Multi-Dimensional Assessment and Treatment Approach”, says this transition is a good thing. “We know that people need […] Continue Reading

Researchers Are Replacing Medicine With Exercise?

By on 4/10/17 Blog

Researchers are gathering evidence that exercise can serve as a replacement for medicine. Researchers at the University of Virginia are conducting research to identify the exact dosage of exercise to supplement one of the most prescribed drugs aimed at improving blood glucose level and vascular health. Over 33 percent of American adults have been diagnosed […] Continue Reading

The Military Turns to Art Therapy to Tackle PTSD

By on 3/22/17 Blog

Art, such as music, painting, literature, theatre, and dance are a part of our everyday lives. Whether we need a pick-me-up, are enjoying an outing with family and friends, or just need to wind-down after a long day; these art forms all bring joy. In addition to being joyous activities, the US Defense Department has […] Continue Reading

Medical Tourism is the New Wave in Healthcare

By on 3/17/17 Blog

Medical tourism is rapidly growing, as people are deciding to go abroad for medical services such as: plastic surgery, dental work and more, according to experts at Berlin’s ITB travel fair. According to a recent study by Visa and Oxford Economics, billions per year are made in the health tourism industry and that number is […] Continue Reading