F5TU2TcmLCMhbrFagoDu 5 Summer Activities to Burn Calories


As a clinician finding a work-life balance can be a hassle. Juggling work, family, friends and ultimately health, can be quite overwhelming. Often times clinicians get so consumed in making sure their patients are healthy, they don’t make time to do the same for themselves. Between rushing to work and household chores like; making time to cook the family a hearty dinner, taking the dog for a walk, even studying, it can be hard to find time for exercise. Well, don’t fret; we’ve found a way you can knock those household chores out and burn calories this summer with these 5 summer activities. Enjoy!

Mow The Lawn

By spending just eight minutes mowing the lawn, you can burn 52 calories.

Wash Your Car

Just 15 minutes of scrubbing burns 54 calories, and your car will look great!

Tread Water

Take advantage of cottage life and spend some time in the water. Try to stay afloat without putting your feet down. Do this for 12 minutes and you’ll burn 54 calories.

Get In The Garden

Spend 12 minutes digging in the dirt and you’ll burn 54 calories, plus you’ll have some great veggies for tomorrow’s lunch menu.

Do Some Yard Work

While it may not sound like the ideal weekend activity, 10 minutes of yard work could help you burn 59 calories, and you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.