podcast-2 5 Physical Therapy Podcast You Should Be Listening To

Remember when we gave you a list of five awesome physical therapy podcast? Well, we’ve found five more that are just awesome!

Most of these podcasts are ran independently; so not only are they informative,  but they have the creative freedom to be raw and unfiltered with the topics they tackle. In other words, they aren’t over hyped snooze fests.

You can get your daily dose of laughter and information all at once. Podcasts even allow you to download episodes to listen to later and because they’re streamed, you don’t have to wait for a specific time or date to tune in; your information on your time. So grab your aux cord and ride out to some of the five Physical Therapy podcasts we’ve listed below.

Without further ado, here are ten podcasts you can zone out to on the go, enjoy!

Physical Therapy Podcasts

  1. The Liberated Body
    Host, Brooke Thomas, speaks with fellow holistic gurus and enthusiasts about holistic health and embodiment.
  2. Physical Therapy Journal (APTA) Podcasts
    Authors are interviewed and discuss research from the APTA’s international, peer-reviewed Physical Therapy Journal.
  3. PT Inquest
    Hosts Erik Meira and J.W. Matheson alongside occasional guest hosts,Jason Brumitt and Scot Morrison, record their online chat sessions about the latest in evidence-based physical therapy.
  4. Cash-Based Podcast
    Dr. Jarod Carter provides strategies to help physical therapists start and run cash-based businesses.His topics consist of marketing, scaling, and developing a niche.
  5. Healthcare DisruPTion
    Hosts Drs. Jerry Durham and Andrew Rothschild, focus on patient-centered care and customer service. The duo interviews experts from non-healthcare industries to identify strategies that physical therapists can apply within their own practices to improve the customer experience.