061218_israel_rehab_hmed_8a.grid-6x2 Physical Therapy Through Virtual Reality

Israel-based company VR Physio was created to make physical therapy easily accessible to all patients, despite their lack of resources. Post-op care is a vital part of recovering from surgery; however, appointments may be hard to book and patients often have difficulty finding physical therapists that they’re comfortable with…

As technology advances, so do health care options. Now patients not only have the option of recovering with the help of a physical therapist in person, they can also do so via virtual reality. To strengthen the weakened parts of their bodies, they can just wear a VR headset and follow along with a virtual therapist. Via the virtual headset, they can perform a series of exercises such as swimming, dancing and more.

Users have described the exercises as fun and immersive. This innovative invention allows patients to really get into the movements. For example, patients might be tasked to fill barrels with water to exercise their neck.

The technology also utilizes algorithms to track a patient’s body and monitors changes during training. At the end of each session, patients can see their progress and what they need to improve upon. Through VRPhysio’s cloud service, users can see a detailed summary of their performance.

This technology makes physical therapy a lot more enjoyable and accessible for many patients. Physical therapy is literally available at the touch of a screen. VRPhysio has even made their exercises available via smartphone, all they need is the headset and voila!