A rising problem in our fast-paced modern society is the occurrence of anxiety in adults. It occurs in college students with large work loads and little time for sleep, it occurs in business professionals responsible for large projects and even in the common individual due to the threat of stress and unforeseeable circumstances, anxiety waits to unravel your mental stability. There are, however, numerous natural herbal supplements that can help keep a balanced mind, and in return a balanced life.

Here are a few:

Chamomile– Tea made from this herb can be used to calm yourself, with compounds that bond to the same brain receptors as drugs like Valium. Chamomile can also be taken as a supplement for reduced anxiety.

Green Tea– Not only does drinking tea have a calming effect in of itself, but an amino acid present in green tea called L-theanine has the effect of lowering heart rate and blood pressure. Studies show that anxiety-prone patients were calmer after ingesting 200 milligrams of L-theanine. It can take as few as 5 cups, to as many as 20 cups of green tea to get 200 milligrams.

Lavender– This pleasant smelling herb has the ability to calm anxiety with just it’s scent. Aromatherapy with lavender oil rubbed into the wrists can calm an individual without the need for supplements. In a study conducted in Germany, a lavender pill used as an anti-anxiety medication, was found to be as effective as prescriptions like lorazepam, in the same class as valium.

St. John’s Wort– Used as an herbal supplement, it has been known to help people with mild to moderate depression. Taken over a 24 hour period, 900-1800 milligrams spaced through the day will be enough for an individual to feel the effects.

Passionflower– Three cups of passionflower tea, or about 90 milligrams of liquid extract a day can help individuals remain calm and alert during daily life. A study of passionflower revealed it’s ability to ease symptoms of anxiety, depression, irritability, and agitation without having drowsy side-effects.

Herbal remedies offer an alternative to prescription drugs, but it’s important to remember that just because it says “natural” does not make it safer or more effective. These herbal supplements are non-prescription, dietary supplements. It is a good idea to ask your doctor before taking any supplements or combination of supplements. For instant relief from anxiety, take deep, calming breaths, and remember that life has a way of working out.