Rehab Alternatives a staffing and employment source for the healthcare field, and there is inherent risks involved with this line of work; especially operating as an online platform. In this technology age, the internet can be a wonderful source for job hunting, with the ability to look at specific fields and industries. However there is a distancing effect with the searcher and the search through this medium, a lack of commitment to the process of application. Recruiters work hard to get the right person the right job, and that is equally true for Rehab Alternatives.

Prior to the internet becoming accessible to every handheld device anywhere at anytime, the process for a recruiter was different. “Up until relatively recently, corporate recruiting primarily consisted of posting a Help Wanted sign in your storefront or posting an ad in the newspaper. Walk-ins were encouraged. Resumes were typed up on nice quality paper and mailed. Paper application forms were completed onsite, in-person. There was very little to no sophistication regarding sourcing, screening, interviewing, and selection.”

Although the internet now provides a wider range in which to gather candidates for a job, it doesn’t seem to lower the inherent risk of what a recruiter’s job entails. Job seekers might go through the whole application process, and then reject the offer. They could have any number of reasons for seeking the job, and then finding that they no longer find the responsibilities and duties to their liking. They may be using a new employment offer to leverage a pay raise at their existing position. How can this cycle be broken? Full-disclosure of the opportunities and challenges of the position could help keep the less-inclined candidates from applying.

It becomes paramount to vet out the serious candidates that are seeking long term professional employment. The trouble lies in how to measure and determine which candidates will see an application process to the end and finally accept employment. ”The issue here is that there is no consistent, profession-wide training and development model nor an academic discipline that prepares anyone for what we do. We learn from our employers, typically informally on the job. It’s often sink-or-swim. Very little thought goes into what skills, competencies, or characteristics an organization should consider when bringing someone into a recruiter role for the first time.”

The healthcare field requires caring, dependable professionals, and the recruiter at Rehab Alternatives aims to find these individuals and get them the job they’re perfect for.