As a speech therapist/ language pathologist, it always helps to have a collection of handy resources up your sleeve to enable more effective treatment.

Here you’ll find a collection of free speech therapy materials from around the web.

Speech Therapy Materials For Kids

Speech and Language Kids has a range of free speech therapy materials, including:

  • Articulation cards
  • Visual aids for calming children
  • Adjectives and other games
  • Vocabulary and question cards
  • Data collection forms
  • Various flashcards
  • And more

Speaking of Speech has literally hundreds of free speech materials via their materials exchange.

Grab 10 speech inference cards – a frequent struggle for kids with autism or hyperlexia.

Access 30 personal question prompts to boost language skills.

Materials for vowels and letter sounds – find downloadables for every letter including – initial words, sentences, stories – medial words sentences, stories – and final words, sentences and stories; along with articulation and phonology forms.

Speechie Freebies provides regular games, ideas, and resources.

These resources are directed at speech therapy for children but you may also find some helpful materials you could apply to other situations.

For Adults with Aphasia

free-speech-therapy-materials The Ultimate List of Free Speech Therapy Materials

Though not an overly user friendly site, Aphasia Reading Access does provide various materials in aphasia friendly format.

Provide your patients the ability to read news at 3 different levels via News In Levels.

This Vidtionary can help people with aphasia understand words through the visual format.

An alternative to video is the Pictionary, which can also be used as a resource to create picture communication boards.

There are also a wide range of both free and paid apps that can provide interactive experiences to patients outside of therapy.

For Stuttering

The Stuttering Foundation has a wide range of resources from free eBooks, videos, research, podcasts and more.

Scenari Aid is a great role play resource for patients with stuttering, aphasia, and anxiety. It provides real-life interactions that patients can actively engage in.

Mixed Resources

Free Language Stuff – has hundreds of resources across 20 different areas. Click on any of the areas to find doc/ pdf downloads, worksheets, word lists, and images.

Speech and isn’t really a collection of speech therapy materials. But there are blog columns by other professionals that may provide interesting reading.

Speech Language Therapy has a wide range of free downloadable materials across a range of areas.

Minnesota State University has a huge resource library. It is categorized so you can access the materials but the info will still take some wading through to find what you might need.

I Communicate Therapy has both children and adult materials across a wide range of specific speech issues.

With the above list of free speech therapy materials, you should have ample choice for finding resources suitable for all your patient needs.