With summer well on it’s way, and the itch to be in the sunshine becomes stronger, it becomes paramount to stay hydrated. Our bodies are comprised of mostly water, and with a lost of just 1-2% of our water, we will become dehydrated. For those of us that take part in various outdoor activities during the warm months, like gardening, hiking, jogging and summer sports, the risk is much higher for potential water loss.

Water is used for essential bodily functions like:

Body Temperature Regulation
Moistening Tissues
Protecting Organs
Lubricate Joints
Prevent Constipation
Flush Waste products
Carry Oxygen and nutrients to cells

It’s better to be proactive about dehydration by drinking the recommended 8 glasses a day, before, during and after any strenuous activities. You lose water every time you sweat, urinate, and breathe throughout the day on top of any time spent in the sun moving around. Waiting to replenish your water until you are already thirsty is too late, as it is usually the first signs of dehydration.

Other symptoms of Dehydration to look for:

Dry Mouth
Lack of Energy
Producing Less Urine/Dark Urine

To keep moving throughout the summer, it’s important to always keep a water bottle handy. You are more likely to drink water if it’s available, so it might be beneficial to fill a large bottle in the morning and bring it with you all day. Besides drinking water, there are foods that can be consumed for part of your daily water intake.

Stay hydrated with these foods:


Keeping these small tips in mind while enjoying the summer can make a huge difference in remaining active and hydrated. Drink water, eat summer salads, and enjoy the sun!