2743534799_e1c988d6be_b Top 5  Podcasts to get Physical Therapy News On the Go

As social media and technology has shifted over the years, so has the way we receive our news. This shift in technology has allowed any information we need, to be right at the touch of a screen. Physical therapists are always on the go; however, the demanding profession requires knowledge of new studies, findings, and technology in the medical field. Where does one find the time? Well, now you can just download SoundCloud, grab your aux cord and ride out to one of the top ten Physical Therapy podcasts we’ve listed below.

Most of these podcasts are ran independently; so not only are they informative,  but they have the creative freedom to be raw and unfiltered with the topics they tackle. In other words, they aren’t over-hyped snooze fests.

You can get your daily dose of laughter and information all at once. Podcasts even allow you to download episodes to listen to later and because they’re streamed, you don’t have to wait for a specific time or date to tune in; your information on your time.

Without further ado, here are five podcasts you can zone out to on the go, enjoy!

Physical Therapy Podcasts:

 1. UpDoc Media Podcasts
 UPDoc media, hosted by Drs. Gene Shirokobrod, Erson Religioso, and Joe Palmer consist of a series of podcasts including Therapy Insiders and Untold Physio Stories. On Therapy Insiders the hosts provide insight, advice, how-tos and more. In Untold Physio Stories, Drs. Jason Shane and Erson Religioso interview PTs about their failures and learning experiences in 10-minute segments.

2.The PT Pintcast

Hosted by recent DPT grad, Jimmy McKay. McKay’s podcasts are sure to keep things interesting as he interviews PT leaders over a pint of beer. Some of his guests include; UpDoc Media’s Dr. Ben Fung and the APTA’s president, Sharon Dunn.

3.The Voice of the Patient
Host, Dave Reed, features patients discussing their healthcare experiences.

4.Evidence in Motion Podcasts
EIM is composed of two podcast options; one clinical based, hosted by Drs. John Childs and Jeff Moore and a business leadership podcast hosted by Dr. Larry Benz.

5.The British Journal of Sports Medicine Podcasts
This series of podcasts has more than 240 episodes discussing treatment techniques for athletes. The podcast is available in both English and German. Topics range from tissue capacity to muscle injuries.