The convenience and accessibility of smartphones can either be a hindrance or huge help. Throughout the day it’s hard not to get distracted when Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are at your fingertips. Often times our phones bring counter productivity into our lives. Instead of finishing those notes or research, we’re scrolling, hash tagging and double tapping. Nevertheless, smartphones aren’t all bad. Below we’ve listed 5 apps that can make your life as a health practitioner a lot easier. Enjoy
1. Figure 1

figure1app 5 Apps That Make Physicians Lives Easier


This app is often compared to Instagram for doctors.Figure is a photo app available for both iOS and Android. It lets doctors and health professionals share images of encounters from their everyday experiences, such as X-rays, unusual fractures, etc. The app serves as a network for medical professionals to share rare conditions, brainstorm new approaches to treatment, and to start a dialogue between their colleagues

2. Sermo

sermo_background 5 Apps That Make Physicians Lives Easier

SERMO is often compared to Facebook. It is one of the world’s most used social networks for health professionals, with approximately 600,000 members worldwide. All profiles via this app are kept anonymous, that way doctors can ‘feel comfortable to talk about everything from patient treatment to controversial changes to medical policy.’ Additionally, SERMO serves as a nucleus for crowdfunded information for health professionals. Users can even receive real-time feedback from other practitioners once they’ve posted an update.


DrawMD-Thoracic-Surgery-app 5 Apps That Make Physicians Lives Easier

drawMD aims to make patient diagnosis a lot easier for both the patient and the doctor, by providing a platform where they can doodle their diagnosis. I nstead of trying to explain a difficult diagnosis, using terms a patient probably won’t understand, doctors can now provide a diagram of everything the patient needs to know. If you’re not exactly an artist, no worries, the drawMD app comes with a gallery of professionally-drawn templates illustrating the vascular system, cardiac system, internal organs, and more. This app is also available for both iOS and Android.

4. Universal Doctor Speaker

univdoctor 5 Apps That Make Physicians Lives Easier

Universal Doctor Speaker is an essential app for doctors who have patients that either don’t speak English well or at all. This app translates medical terminology into 17 languages, they are then communicated to the patient using audio in a language they can comprehend. While the app doesn’t translate in real time it does contain thousands of pre-translated medical questions and explanations. A most recent update to the app was tailored to assist doctors with communication during the refugee crisis in Europe.

5. Iodine

iodineapp 5 Apps That Make Physicians Lives Easier

Iodine is a news app, that helps doctors keep up with new medicines treatments as well as reviews of new medical products. The medical field is constantly changing and like any profession it helps to be abreast of those changes. This app comes in handy if a physician is on the fence about whether to prescribe a particular medication to a patient. They can use the Iodine app and see how that drug has affected other real patients in the past. Doctors can combine the information provided  in Iodine with their prior to knowledge to make their judgement call as to what is right for their patient.