glover-quin-082615-usnews-getty-ftr_638r189ct0341wet77jr20m29-1-700x394 NFL and Tech Collide To Bring Rehab To Smartphones!

In 2016 there was a 32% rise in diagnosed concussions with in the NFL, according to the league’s data . Additionally, the league reported a significant increase in knee injuries to the ACL and MCL. Detroit Lions Pro-bowl Safety, Glover Quin and NFL star running back, Arian Foster are combatting the increase in NFL injuries with technology. The NFL player has joined forces with PeerWell’s, Rehab Technology team, as an investor and consultant of Rehab Therapy App, a brother product to its senior, Prehab (a mobile app that provides resources and exercises to it’s users to prepare for surgery).

Quin says PeerWell assisted in his ankle recovery. He was so impressed by his smooth recovery, that he decided to invest his time in Prehab to prepare for surgery. As a result, Quinn and PeerWell have launched the first app of it’s kind. Rehab allows users to measure joint range of motion from a smartphone or tablet for the first time ever.

“Rehab from home, like never before.” The perfect tagline for the innovative, healing technology. The app allows users to access recovery without leaving the comfort of their homes. Users are able to measure joint range of motion via a smartphone or tablet. The Rehab app guides patients through range-of-motion exercises and collects data; such as the number of repetitions and degrees of the knee flexion, using the accelerometers and gyroscopes built in the smart phone.

As if the app’s accessibility and features aren’t convenient enough, it also doesn’t require outside devices for use. Just place your phone in your socks and voi-la! You’re one step closer to recovery.

While PeerWell’s apps certainly can’t replace the care of professional physical therapists, they are cost-friendly alternatives for those who may not have the money or resources to obtain care from professionals.

“The way we can have a big impact, is by bringing costs of healthcare down for the patient. There’s a big need for that in our country,” Shah stated.