86535906 Top Ten Highest Paying States For Physical Therapists

Millennials are continuing to move to some of the most expensive cities, by the thousands. Studies show that millennials prefer to live in close proximity to their jobs and other services that suit their needs, opposed to living in the suburbs and having to commute. The American Dream to own a home with a white picket fence is no longer the status quo for millennials; they’d much rather the thrills of living in the city, physical therapists especially.

Over the years, the physical therapy industry has seen rapid growth due to the aging population, technological advancements and new findings involving the human body. Most physical therapists have their own practices, therefore they’re able to have a bit more freedom and say so as to where they work, rates, etc. If you’re considering practicing physical therapy in a new city, or want to travel and still be able to have income, it would be helpful to know the most lucrative states to embark on your career.

Well, look no further! Below, we have provided the top 10 highest paying states for physical therapists:.

State Salary for Physical Therapists (hourly)

  1. California $37.00
  2. New Jersey $36.46
  3. Maryland $36.11
  4. Rhode Island $35.92
  5. Alaska $35.78
  6. Texas $35.54
  7. New York $35.23
  8. Illinois $35.11
  9. West Virginia $35.10
  10. Nevada $26.07